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Pros and Cons of Living in Milan

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Milan is well known to be the destination for the rich and famous. It is a gorgeous part of Italy that features stunning history and hosts two of the biggest football clubs in the country, AC Milan and Inter Milan. But don’t worry; you do not have to be a football fan to live in Milan. It is prevalent for those seeking a new experience and working in information, technology, textiles, and design.

So, what are the pros and cons of living in Milan for those considering moving? Read below. For any assistance with European Removals, make sure to contact our wonderful team.

1. Pro: Cultural Delight

Every year influences from film and fashion descend on Milan for the Milano film festival and the Milan fashion week. It has a fantastic history, including Gothic architecture in the form of the Duomo di Milano. The centre for all things cultural and art is the Piazza del Duomo, and you will also find the bright and colourful gaudy sites at the Carnivale Ambrosiano, dedicated to the patron Saint of Milan.

2. Pro: Fast Cars

And we don’t mean the ones on the road. Every year the Italian Grand Prix is hosted in Milan as part of the Formula One season, and Monza racetrack is just an hour's drive away from the city centre. So, it makes an excellent base if you enjoy F1 and all the excitement.

3. Great Public Transport

If you are living and working in Milan, you can probably get away with ditching the car during the week. There’s not only saves you money, but it’s better for the environment. The public infrastructure is fantastic, and there are four Metro lines with over 100 stations. Underground trains seem to be quieter than those over land, and in the city centre, there is a tram network. Buses head in and out of the city and are operational during the day and into the evening, but some services are limited to later it gets.

4. Lovely City to Raise a Family

Children will love growing up in Milan. It also has a wealth of international schools meaning that expatriates have a great educational choice for their children. There are plenty of international curricula and also international baccalaureates on offer. If your children are already school-age, the international schools teach in English, and although they learn Italian, it means the children can easily make friends as they all have English in common. There are many green spaces for family, picnics and unwinding and letting off steam; they can enjoy the friendly football rivalry if they like sports and plenty of attractions for younger visitors.

The Cons of Life in Milan

1. Con: Expensive Place to Live

Milan does tend to be expensive. The only Italian city that costs more to live in is Roma. But of course, if you live like a local, you will soon find bargain groceries, and you can learn to avoid tourist traps with expensive dining. Property may well be your biggest challenge as it is expensive, not only to buy property but to rent and keep up with all the other utilities. If you are renting, you may also find that three months is required upfront as your deposit. However, if you come outside of the city centre, you will find things are a little bit cheaper.

2. Con: Strange Climate

If you were hoping to escape the Great British drizzle, you might not find Milan an awful lot better. Some Mediterranean destinations offer a lovely balanced sunny climate all year round. But Milan tends to have swelteringly hot summers that are very humid and uncomfortable and, conversely, freezing cold winters with lots of snow and unpleasant driving conditions when the deep fog sets in.

3. Con: Brings Language Barriers

Despite having a strong tourism industry, most locals do not speak any English. This can be quite prohibitive if you don’t speak any Italian; it’s an area of Italy where preparation is key, so you do need to try and learn at least some Italian before moving out to Milan.

The takeaway

Milan offers a vibrant and culturally rich experience with its renowned film festival, fashion week, and historical landmarks like the Duomo di Milano. The city also caters to sports enthusiasts, with the Italian Grand Prix hosted nearby. However, some drawbacks exist, such as the high cost of living and unpredictable climate. Despite these challenges, Milan remains a captivating city with its unique blend of art, culture, and modern amenities.

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