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Top Things to do in Rome as an expat

Updated: May 24

If you’re visiting Rome for the first time, then you’ll probably be struck by just how much there is to do and how popular the area is Let’s look at the top things you can do in Rome, whether you’re just visiting or looking to live there.

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1. The Colosseum

If you are visiting Rome or exploring it, then you need to check out the Colosseum. The building is possibly the most iconic and interesting part of Rome, and seeing it in person is a unique experience. The Colosseum was built somewhere between 72-80 AD, and it is considered to be the largest amphitheater in the world. Once upon a time, it would have had 80,000 people at maximum occupancy!


The ancient entertainment on display in the Colosseum would have once been gladiator fights and man vs animal. Nowadays, it’s more of a place to explore and see the incredible architecture on display. Once you get to the 5th level, you’ll have a 360-degree field of view and see the whole theatre in all its glory.


2. The Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museum was first created in the 16th century by Pope Julius II and contains one of the biggest art collections in the world - not to mention the most important. There are 54 galleries to explore, along with hallways and courtyards.


There are plenty of options to explore when it comes to something like this. You’ve got ancient sculptures to explore, and you have to stop by and see the Sistine Chapel, of course, to check out the iconic frescoes made by Michelangelo.

There are also works made by Raphael, and those who are booking ahead will be able to take a trip into the Vatican Necropolis, which is located underneath St. Peter’s Basilica, and also visit the Vatican Gardens, which is a highly spiritual place.

3. The Pantheon

Coming in at third on our list is the Pantheon. It is one of the most preserved buildings from ancient history and boasts the largest dome in the world, which is 142 feet in diameter. It was built back in 125 AD by Emperor Hadrian, and the main attraction is the oculus, which is the central opening atop the dome.

It is a highly unique source of totally natural light and is also a key symbolic connection that joins the temple with the heavens. The building itself has significant historical and architectural significance in Italy, and you should check it out for yourself when you look around.


4. The Trevi Fountain

Rome has gained a reputation for being the ‘city of fountains’ which is clear when one stops to take a look at the sheer number of them across the city limits - some 2000. The Trevi Fountain, however, stands above the rest as being the most majestic and unique of them all.

It was commissioned in the 18th century by Pope Clement XII, and is made of Carrara marble. It took 30 years to build and was put on the site of an ancient aqueduct that goes back to 19 BC.

You’ll notice that a few figures are sitting atop the fountain - like Oceanus, who is the god of the sea. He is flanked on either side by Tritons, which are sea creatures in Roman mythology.

The local legend behind the fountain is pretty cool when you get to know it - if you toss a coin over your shoulder and it gets in the fountain, then you’ll come back to Rome in your lifetime. Plus, all the coins are fished out each year and donated to charity - often thousands of Euros at a time.


5. The Rome Opera House

You’ve heard of the Sydney Opera House but Rome has an opera house too and it’s no less impressive than its Australian counterpart. The Teatro dell'Opera is a neo-classical opera house that was built at the end of the 1800s, and is home to roughly 200 performances every year, ranging from opera and ballet to contemporary dance. The opera house has also worked with celebrity directors and fashion houses like Dior and Valentino over the years.


6. Orto Botanico

Did you know that Rome has a botanical garden? It’s a beautiful place and it can offer a lot for anyone who might be interested. It is a natural garden which was first established in 1883. It was part of a villa that was commissioned by the Corsini family, who are one of the oldest noble families in all of Italy. There are more than 7000 species of plants in the garden.


You’ll see things like a bamboo collection, Gymnosperms like pines, cypresses, and sequoias, as well as more than 400 different species of just orchids. It’s highly impressive and worth checking out at least once.

Moving to Rome and Seeing the Sights


Now, moving to Rome and seeing everything that it has to offer would be a great adventure. However, even if you’re just visiting at first, there is still plenty to do and see. The great thing about Rome is just how much is on offer. We’ve only listed a few of the options. You could explore the city for multiple days and still not see everything.


If you did move to Rome, then you would have plenty of time to see all of the sights. A lot of these places are best explored slowly and carefully. You should take the time to look at all of the amazing options that you have because it does make a big difference. If you did want to move to Rome permanently, then you would need a bit of help with that. We would be happy to do it for you, as we have lots of experience in European Removals.

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