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International Removals to the USA

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Get a quote for cost-effective removals and receive assistance from a dedicated international move co-ordinator.


Pinnacle Removals specialise in International removals providing a range of dedicated services to make your move to the USA as simple as possible. With regular dates for delivery to the USA from anywhere in the UK, we offer flexible freight services for FCL shipping (full container load) and part-load containers.

Our freight services cover all moves to and from the United States offering a range of options and flexible delivery dates for complete peace of mind. From packing to unpacking, our expert removals team will support you throughout the process of your international move whether you require part removals to the United States or you need international shipping services to the USA.

Why Choose Pinnacle Removals for Your Relocation to the USA?

The team at Pinnacle have over 30 years of removals experience and we’ve become a trusted name in international shipping and household moves to the USA from the UK. We assign dedicated agents who will support you throughout every stage of your relocation to the USA and answer any questions about the move you may have.

From packing and export wrapping to documentation advice, all elements of your move to the USA are expertly handled by the experts at Pinnacle. Our moving professionals can also help with moves to the UK from the USA for expats returning home after living overseas.

Discover more reasons why you should choose Pinnacle Removals for your USA relocation

Door to Door Options
We offer door-to-door and door-to-port options for your international removals service to

Personal Effects Protected
Tailor-made shipment protection policies, to ensure your goods are always protected.

Taking care of the finer things
Your fine art, collectables and valuables are in safe hands with our ‘white glove’ professional packers.

No Obligation, Free Quote!
We offer free home surveys or an online video survey for your international moving quote

Packed to perfection
Tailor-made packing options to suit all budgets as well as our recommended full packing services

Accredited Movers
Accredited movers who are specialists in International removals, packing and storage.

What Our Customers Say

You may not be ready to move straight into your new home and may move into rented or temporary accommodation while you view properties or finalise a purchase. Pinnacle Removals offer a competitively-priced secure storage service so your belongings can be safely stored until you are ready to move into your permanent home.

Mrs Wilson, Kent UK

International Shipping to the USA

At Pinnacle Removals we offer competitively priced international removals services which include insurance options and support with customs clearance. If you are shipping household goods to the USA and looking for a professional shipping service with years of experience, Pinnacle Removals could be the ideal fit.

We regularly ship furniture to the USA and can offer a USA shipping service to fit your needs such as size of load and shipping times. When shipping to the USA, we’ll deliver your belongings to your new home on a day to suit you and help with any unpacking needs upon arrival. We can also provide storage services in the UK or the USA if needed.


Our USA Removal
Services Include:

    Professional movers who are experts in USA removals

    Advice on American customs requirements

    A dedicated USA move manager

    Storage in the UK or the USA if required

    Frequent freight sailing schedules & air freight delivery to all destinations in the USA

    Shared load (groupage) or full load (FCL) container service to the USA

    Tailor-made the USA shipment protection policies

    Guidance on what can and what can’t be shipped to the USA
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International Moving Costs for the USA

Pinnacle offer competitive pricing for international removals to the USA. The cost of moving to the US will depend on the method of transportation you choose and the size of your shipment. At Pinnacle Removals, we offer a number of moving options for the USA. If you are looking for ways to save money when moving to the USA, talk to your move coordinator about full and part loads to the USA to see what would be the best option for your budget.

Additionally, the amount of time it takes to move to the USA and the international shipping costs of moving to the USA will be affected by whether you choose air freight to the USA or sea freight to the USA. The cost of shipping items to the United States will be affected by the volume and scope of belongings you choose to transport and whether you would need any specialist shipping services to transport items such as antiques internationally.

Full or Part Load Removals to the USA

Our small loads, also known as shared loads or groupage to the USA are ideal if you only have a few boxes to transport. Shared loads to the USA can be ideal for international moves as the long distance often means that movers choose to limit the quantity of personal belongings they choose to transport overseas. By choosing part load shipping, your belongings will be combined with other households in a high capacity container to save time and reduce transport costs.

With our international freight service options, you can choose from full or part load removals to the USA. We offer competitive pricing for large and small removals so whether you’re planning a full house removal to the USA or you just need to send a few boxes, our full and partial load moving service will be right for you.

Do you have a few boxes?

Or can you fill a container? 

Alternatively, Pinnacle Removals also offers full-load moves to the USA. These can be ideal if you are moving to the USA permanently and would like a full house removal to the USA. Also known as FCL shipping, this is the more costly method of moving but allows for more space to transport all of your household possessions. A full 20 ft container is usually enough for a typical 2-bed home.

International Removals UK to the USA by Sea or Air

Pinnacle offers a range of international transportation options for moving household goods to the USA each of which has varying delivery times and costs. You can choose our air freight or sea freight services depending on how quickly you will need your items. If you need prompt delivery, we suggest using our air freight service to the USA. Whichever method you choose, you can guarantee your items will be transported to the United States safely. You can find out more about our packing and shipping options when you request your quote.

Air Freight
Sea Freight

The fastest way to transport household belongings to the USA is by air freight. If you have a specific date you will need your household goods by or are looking for a fast turnaround time for your move to the USA, choose air freight to the USA. However, as this is the fastest international removals service, it is also the most costly. If you are looking for a cheap way to ship items internationally, sea freight to the USA will be more cost-effective.

Our international sea freight services to the USA are a popular choice for those looking for a cheaper way to move to the US. Whilst this is the slower method of freight shipping to the USA, it can be a good option for those who do not need their household belongings immediately and are looking for a way to keep costs down when moving internationally to the United States.

Living in the USA

As the country with the world’s largest economy and a shared language, the United States is a popular destination for UK citizens moving overseas. the USA offers world-renowned education, and a wide range of locations, cultures and lifestyles to settle into. From the laid-back feel of southern states such as South Carolina or Texas to the big city feels of the Big Apple to the adventures and sun-soaked days of the west coast which also boasts a number of ski resorts as well as the iconic Los Angeles. Nature lovers will find countless trails and scenic sites across the USA whilst world-renowned healthcare and a multitude of cultural flavours make the nation unique.

Pinnacle Removals can help you move to New York from the UK as well as provide moving services to Atlanta, Denver, San Francisco, Austin and any other area within the USA. Our removals services serve all parts of the United States to help you move with minimal disruption. Our experienced team can help transport your belongings smoothly, even to remote areas.

Popular Places to Move in the USA

We’ve listed below some of our most popular shipping destinations in the USA from the UK. We offer home removal services from all UK locations to all destinations in the USA from Miami to Seattle and beyond so please contact our professional moving team if you do not see your chosen destination listed.

New York
San Diego
Washington DC

Removals to USA FAQ's

How Moving to the USA Works

When preparing for your move to the USA, our professional team can help. Whether you are moving furniture to the USA as part of a full house move or moving just a few boxes, we are here to help smooth the process. In order to move to the USA, UK nationals will typically need to apply for a visa. Depending on your reason for moving to the United States, you may require a specific type of immigrant visa if you plan on remaining in the United States on a permanent basis. Those planning on working or studying in the USA temporarily will need to apply for the relevant nonimmigrant visa. Once you’ve made an enquiry with us, your assigned Move Coordinator will discuss all applicable moving requirements with you and ensure you are aware of any specific US customs requirements that might affect your move. We’ll also conduct a complete moving survey to help create your USA moving quote. This can be conducted through a home visit moving quote or a video survey in order to assess and measure your belongings and advise on the costs of moving your belongings to the USA from the UK. If you are aware of any access issues for your new home such as narrow or remote roads or other obstacles, it is best to mention this to your move advisor at this stage so they can plan accordingly. Some rural locations can be hard to access in the USA at certain times of the year, your move specialist may discuss move options depending on the time of year you will be moving.

Specialist Moving Services to the USA

Pinnacle Removals also offers a wide range of specialist moving services to the USA such as antique shipping or fine art transport so will discuss this if relevant at the time of your survey. Our international moving specialists are well-versed in transporting sensitive or specialist items to the USA and household furniture of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, if you are looking for a small move to the USA, we can also help transport your boxes and personal items. This service is particularly popular for those looking to study in the USA who are moving to university accommodation. Our team can assist with creating itemised packing lists and help with completing all relevant paperwork in order to help you prepare for your relocation to the USA. We’re always available to discuss the best options for moving your furniture or belongings to the United States but once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to book your removal to the USA. Simply fill out the provided paperwork to book your move to the USA and arrange for the relevant international moving insurance. We’ll also liaise with our partners on the ground in the USA to provide local unloading assistance if required. Talk to your move specialist to find out more about our unpacking services as part of your move.

Get Your Removals to USA Quote!

Pinnacle Removals are experts in international relocations and can help to make your move to the USA simple. We provide a wide range of the USA moving services with a dedicated move coordinator to help every step of the way. To find out more about our moving services or get a moving quote for the United States, contact our team now online or by calling 0203 488 6390

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