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Best Places to Retire in Portugal

Updated: Feb 29

Portugal remains a popular destination for those looking to spend their retirement years in the sun, and it continues to attract retirees from various countries, including the UK. It is known for being an affordable destination, with excellent healthcare and a slower pace of life compared to other destinations.

If you require assistance in moving your household belongings to this European gem, make sure to contact us for help. Now, here are some of the best places to retire in Portugal.

The Algarve

The Algarve region is found along Portugal's southern coastline and is one of the most popular areas for retirees in Portugal. It is a fantastic area with golden beaches and breathtaking cliffs and has been branded the 'most affordable retirement destination in Europe' in recent years. The Algarve is especially appealing to English-speaking expatriates, offering a welcoming community of fellow retirees, depending on the specific location you choose for your retirement.

There are 16 municipalities in the Algarve and many retirement communities in each, making settling into life much easier. Property prices vary based on location but are generally more affordable than other parts of the country.

You may need to venture farther inland, away from the coastline, for the most budget-friendly properties. The cost of living in the Algarve is notably lower than in major cities, and the area is very safe. The Algarve has plenty to offer retirees seeking an active and vibrant lifestyle, with many recreational opportunities.

Golf enthusiasts will be in heaven here, as the region boasts a well-deserved reputation as home to some of Portugal's and Europe's premier golf courses.


Madeira is a Portuguese island approximately 1,000 kilometres from the mainland. It has such a temperate climate, boasting warm and pleasant weather almost all year round, so it is another popular destination for those looking to retire to Portugal.

It is quieter and has much less tourist activity than the Algarve. Still, Madeira's expatriate and retirement community is steadily growing, meaning there will be plenty of new people in the same situation.

While the cost of living in Madeira may be slightly higher than in the Algarve, the stunning and some say idyllic island has lots of different size houses and flats for sale and rent at reasonable prices, meaning it is an attractive option for retirees seeking both natural beauty and a peaceful way of life.

Porto and Northern Portugal

When considering places to settle down and enjoy retirement, Northern Portugal is not the first location that comes to mind. However, this region possesses undeniable charm, with stunning cities and picturesque countryside, making it a true hidden gem for expatriates and retirees. Porto has a thriving expatriate community, and moving outside of urban living, you can find the countryside and many choices if you want to live somewhere a little bit more rural.

What sets this region apart is its lack of popularity as a tourist destination, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a peaceful retirement. Northern Portugal is one of the most affordable regions for property prices.

Although it's in the northern part of the country, it still offers access to stunning beaches along its 100 kilometres of coastline. Additionally, the cost of living here is on par with, if not slightly cheaper, the rest of the country.


Another excellent retirement location is the Lisbon province. Here, you'll discover the vibrant capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, often considered the heart and soul of the country, welcoming retirees from all corners of the globe. Lisbon boasts a thriving expatriate community and offers a bustling retirement experience. Notably, Lisbon has earned a spot among the top 10 cities worldwide for its outstanding living conditions for pensioners.

It's worth noting that Lisbon's city centre property tends to be pricier than other regions of Portugal, and some neighbourhoods can be bustling and noisy. However, you can avoid this by residing in the quieter outskirts.

Another appealing option within the Lisbon district is Setúbal, a smaller yet equally charming city. Setúbal combines nature with access to the region's exquisite natural parks while staying just a short bus ride from Lisbon. This diversity of choices within the Lisbon province ensures retirees can find the perfect spot to savour their retirement years.

The takeaway

If you plan to relocate to Portugal or anywhere in Europe, remember that we are on hand to provide international removals you can trust. We are more than happy to provide a quote, and you can be assured that Pinnacle Removals will take care of all your belongings as if they were our own.

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