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Top Reasons to move to Malta

Malta is a location that seemingly combines all of the best bits of straddling the border between European life and the Mediterranean. With a sunny climate, a mostly English-speaking population, and a lot of opportunities, it’s clear why people might choose to move to Malta and start a new life. Let’s talk about what you should know before making the decision to move.

If you are looking for assistance with Removals to Malta, Pinnacle Removals & Storage can help you with your move. Now, read further for the top reasons to move to Malta.

1. People speak the language you’ll know

Malta has two primary languages which are spoken by the populace - English and Maltese. This means that you’ll be able to speak English and interact with the vast majority of inhabitants while learning Maltese at a pace which works for you.

This is great for job opportunities and feeling more like a local, but being able to speak English also helps you acclimate in the initial few weeks or months because you’re not a fish out of water trying to talk to everyone.

2. The climate is highly desirable

Malta is a sunny and holiday-ish destination which is why it can be so charming for people to live in. Being conveniently placed close to the Mediterranean Sea, the climate is good all year around for people who want to enjoy holiday activities.

The average low point comes in January at 9℃ and rising to 31℃ in July, it is clear that the area offers a lot when it comes to weather. If you like it hotter, this is for you.

3. Malta is located in a convenient place

Malta is located in a spot of the Mediterranean Sea that makes it a convenient getting off point for multiple locations across Europe. London, Paris, Istanbul and Barcelona are all located just a few hours on a plane. Understandably, this means that there are a lot of opportunities for business and travel.

4. Malta has a strong economy

If you’re going to move to another country then it’s probably no bad thing if that country has a strong economy for you to help build a new life with. Malta had a reputation for many years for being the fastest-growing economy in the whole eurozone.

This growth has enabled Malta to build a strong economy which supports a diverse range of sectors and possible career paths.

5. Finding jobs is easy enough

Finding a job in Malta is pretty easy for most people. Anyone in the European Economic Area (or also Switzerland) doesn’t need a specific permit to find work.

However, those who are outside this area need to go through the application process to find a job. With that being said, this isn’t too difficult to do. You’d be wise to take a look at the job prospects on offer.

6. The healthcare system is well-developed

Malta is known for having a well-developed healthcare system which supports everyone and is universal. Taxes fund a health service which will take care of practically anyone, and the country is known for spending more on healthcare than other parts of the world and has a contingent of doctors on par with European countries like Spain and Germany.

7. Owning property

Malta has a well-developed real estate industry which has seen roughly 80% of the population become homeowners. The remaining 20% rent at various prices, but to get a bit of security it is worth buying.

You’d be sensible to choose a property which has a good air conditioning system to ensure that you stay cool during the hot months, but buying property is a good investment. After all, property in Malta is growing in value all the time, so you’ll have a valuable home to sell should the need arise.

The takeaway

Malta is a good place to live and it can offer a lot of unique experiences and benefits for people who choose to try and build a life there for themselves. From the tax structure to the good healthcare system, it is clear that the area has been designed to cater to an affluent class of people or be just as hospitable to those who want to build a life for themselves in the area.

Moving house in this fashion can be a big undertaking. Part of starting your new life in Malta is making the move from wherever you’ve come from - in some cases, you’ve come from the other side of the world.

It can be a big deal, which is why it can be important to work with a good removal company to get what you need. Pinnacle Removals & Storage is here to ensure that you’ve got the tools you need, and we can help you move to Malta or wherever else you want to go. Our team has extensive experience conducting removals all across the world, and we’re happy to help you.

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