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7 Great Reasons to Retire in Spain

Updated: Feb 29

Retiring to foreign climates is a popular life dream, and after many years in the workplace, many people transition to another country to enjoy their retirement years. Spain has always been a popular destination for Brits seeking a life in the sun. It has been parodied in many television shows, including Benidorm, but what is the reality of life in Spain? Well, we have seven great reasons to consider Spain as your perfect retirement destination.

If you require assistance with relocating your belongings to Spain, make sure to contact us. Now, read below to explore the great reasons to retire in Spain.

1. Climate

Spain is in the Mediterranean, which means that the cold extremes don't happen as they do here in the UK. Winters are exceedingly mild, especially the further south you go. The summers are very long and hot; overall, it's a much drier country. On average, there are 320 days a year of sun, so if you want to spend your days catching the rays with a more relaxed lifestyle, Spain will be perfect.

2. Affordability

Another reason Spain is a popular choice for retirees is that it is very affordable. This does depend somewhat on the region, but generally, it's cheaper than other countries in Europe. Accommodation costs, for example, work much the same way as in the UK. In large cities like Madrid, you will spend much more on rent than in a smaller town or even a countryside area.

There is nothing to stop you from purchasing a property if you have the funds to do so. There are plenty of cost comparison websites so that you can look at how daily living expenses match up, including things like your housing costs, healthcare, entertainment, and food.

3. Healthcare

As an expat, you may gain access to many healthcare services for free, and if you do have to pay, the costs are significantly lower than in other countries. Everyone pays reduced fees towards things like prescriptions or specific tests, but you would be told in advance how much this will cost.

You can also choose to purchase private health insurance if you want to ensure you have the choice when it comes to wellness. The healthcare system in Spain is one of the best in the world, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands if you need medical treatment.

4. Lifestyle

No matter where you live, retirement is about taking it slow and enjoying a more relaxed pace of life. Spain is chilled, and the whole culture supports slow and enjoyable lifestyles. Siestas are still observed in many areas, and there is a lot of focus on leisurely meals, family time and engaging with the local community. The OECD Better Life Index ranks Spain above average regarding work-life balance, health and social connectivity.

If you move into an expat community, then you won't have any issues with the language barrier, but bear in mind that only around 22% of locals speak English. So, it would help if you learned some Spanish before you go and work on it while you are out there. The good news is that Spanish is considered one of the easiest languages to learn, and plenty of lessons are available for free online.

5. Food and Drink

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. Tapas is traditional in Spain, and everything you eat is pretty much guaranteed to be locally sourced and fresh to the table. It is packed with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, prepared with herbs and olive oil. Some of the most famous dishes include paella with fresh seafood and tortilla, which is a Spanish omelette dish based on potatoes, eggs, and onions, perfect for the cooler winter months.

The area is also packed full of world-renowned wine regions, including Rioja, and Priorat, which is perfect if you enjoy the occasional tipple with your meals. Tempranillo grapes are also native to Spain and are used to produce some of the finest red wines in the world.

6. Geographic Diversity

Like everywhere in the world, some areas of Spain are built-up cities where you could be anywhere urban. But what makes Spain unique is the fantastic geographical diversity it enjoys. Along the coast are quaint coastal towns that seem to set you back in time, and up in the mountains, some gorgeous villages.

So, no matter what your plans for retirement are, whether you want to sit at the beach, ramble in the countryside or engage in busy city life, you will find everything you need in Spain. The locals are amiable, and you will no doubt meet like-minded people, both expats and natives, who will be keen to develop friendships and share time socialising.

7. Historical and Cultural Richness

It's also a country with a fascinating history, and you will have plenty of chances as a resident to go exploring. Gothic cathedrals, Roman ruins, and Moorish castles can be found in many areas. It also enjoys a vibrant culture steeped in art, thanks to the likes of Picasso and drama and music from the traditional flamenco.

Due to the stunning climate year-round, much Spanish life takes place outside, so finding and enjoying these fantastic sites makes up part of a retirement lifestyle.

The Takeaway

Spain is the perfect retirement destination after a long working life. The climate, food & drink, and affordability make this one of the top retirement locations for expats from the UK. It also has unrivaled healthcare and a laid-back lifestyle with plenty of sun, sand, and sea.

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