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The Benefits of Working Abroad in the Netherlands

Updated: Feb 29

Whether you fancy a change of scenery or want to move closer to friends and family, living and working in the Netherlands is a fantastic experience. You will find the locals very welcoming and soon be able to build new friendships and enjoy everything that community life offers.

One of the significant advantages of living in the Netherlands is that English is widely spoken. Of course, learning Dutch is not a bad idea, and it will genuinely help with your massive experience, but you will undoubtedly get on from day one and find plenty of people speaking English.

It is worth noting, that if you are looking to move your household belongings to the Netherlands, then we can help. Our team has years of experience and will guide you through the process. Now, here is our list of the benefits of working abroad in the Netherlands.

It Offers Lots of Opportunity

The Netherlands has a vibrant economy and is much more stable than some of the things we have been experiencing in the UK. This means it is full of business opportunities, and many international companies choose to make the Netherlands their base.

It's good news: if you’re looking for a career so that you can settle down in the Netherlands permanently, you will find plenty of international businesses hiring staff. It’s also an excellent place to start your own business. The Dutch government supports small businesses; it has clear government policies and has gone the extra mile in simplifying how that bureaucracy works. You can also benefit from various tax breaks.

The Work-Life Balance

Lots of studies are carried out on the work-life balance experienced by people all over the world. The Netherlands consistently scores in the top 10 best countries to achieve this all-important balance. Again, this comes from the top as the government has created many schemes to ensure migrants find their country and attractive prospects.

There is a start-up Visa residency permit and a 30% tax ruling. This small country was once known only for farming and merchant sea trade, but they have managed to reposition themselves over the years and are now seen as a start-up capital for finance and design.

It's Flat!

Okay, this might not benefit working, but the Netherlands is famous for being incredibly flat. This means that the favoured form of transport is bicycles. There are over 800,000 bicycles in Amsterdam, which are used daily by commuters coming in and out of the city. You can enjoy good employment prospects in the Netherlands and help your fitness by joining them and commuting using a bicycle.

If this doesn’t suit you for any reason, good bus, train and tram links are also available. However, most people choose to join the cycling community, so it might be time to retake your cycling proficiency test.

Cultural Immersion is Delicious

Whether you are popping out on your lunch break or picking up something for dinner to take home to the family, you will find that the local dishes are delicious. They are famous for cheese, liquorice, bitterballen, a form of meatball, stroopwafels, pastry and patat, similar to French fries with a local Dutch twist.

The culture is also enjoyable to be part of; they don’t like procrastination, and most people have a can-do, will-do attitude. This is, of course, one of the reasons why the work-life balance has been so successful.

People are determined to get things done and not waste time. However, when you are not at work, there is a lot to see, and it’s worth looking around the numerous historic buildings, gardens, parks and canals, as well as all of the galleries and museums they offer. The tourist trade is booming in the Netherlands, with over 15 million people visiting each year.

Speaking of Down Time

Did you know there is a rule that nobody can work more than 60 hours per week? Companies abide by this; the average working week is between 36 and 40 hours. They enjoy spending time with family and friends, and most locals have a very active social life, which you will be welcomed into with open arms. As mentioned, most people are fluent in English and enjoy their country's cultural diversity.

The Highest Standards of Living

Perhaps the most enticing reason to head to the Netherlands to live and work is that they enjoy incredibly high living standards. Their life expectancy figures rank as some of the top worldwide. According to the United Nations World Happiness Report, this is also the seventh-happiest country you could live in.

They have some of the cleanest air and best water quality you will ever find, and their disposable income figures far outweigh most comparable statistics from European countries.

There are low rates of unemployment, and the education system is first-class. Living and working in the Netherlands will see you spend just 19% of your disposable income on living. This means you can save money, enjoy spending it on hobbies, or build a delightful and comfortable lifestyle for you and your family.

The takeaway

We know from our customers that many people put off moving to another country because they feel the upheaval will be unbearable. Here at Pinnacle Removals, we are experts in European relocations, and there isn’t anything we don’t know about moving you and your family to a new country. So, if you have been thinking about a new life in the Netherlands, you can stop worrying about how you will physically relocate because we have you covered. Speak to one of our team today to obtain your free no-obligation quote, and we can also help you answer any questions you may have about the logistics of moving to Europe.

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