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  • Costs of Moving to Poland
    Pinnacle offer competitive pricing for removals to Poland. Your move professional will create a bespoke moving quote that fits your needs to ensure all your moving requirements are met. The cost of moving to Poland will depend on the method of transportation you choose and the size of your shipment. If you are looking for ways to save money when moving to Poland, talk to your Move Coordinator about full and part loads to Poland to see what would be the best option for
  • Part Load Removals to Poland
    Our flexible removals to Poland offer many options for transporting your belongings. Depending on the size of your house move, dedicated loads to Poland or part loads are available for your move. Our fleet of vehicles have an extremely large capacity so it is common for multiple removals to be housed in one lorry for European home removals. Our small loads, also known as shared loads or groupage to Poland are ideal if you only have a few boxes to move or an average-sized home move. By choosing part-load shipping, your belongings will be combined with other households in a high-capacity container to save time and reduce transport costs. If you can be more flexible with your moving date, part loads are ideal. This can be a great option for those who are downsizing or retiring abroad and only need to move limited belongings overseas.
  • Dedicated Loads to Poland
    Alternatively, Pinnacle Removals also offers full-load moves to Poland. These can be ideal if you are moving to Poland permanently and would like a full house removal to Poland. Also known as FCL shipping, this is the more costly method of moving to Poland but allows for more space to transport all of your household possessions. Full loads to Poland are a more premium option for those who require a faster service on a specific date or a very large volume of belongings.
  • Removals to Poland by Road
    When booking your household removal to Poland, you’ll typically have the choice of land or sea transport for your belongings. Each type of removals process has a different cost and time frame which your Poland removals expert will explain to you during the quotation process. Whether you are moving from a flat or a 4-bed house, we have the capacity to transport your belongings to where they need to be. Our overseas removals services use road freight as the primary mode of transport to move your belongings to Poland by land. Our professional fleet of vehicles and moving specialists can transport your household goods to Poland using high-capacity lorries. Whilst slower than some moving options, road freight to Poland is a very cost-effective option and offers both full and part load options. Our experienced team will take your belongings from A to B safely helping make moving to your new home in Poland simple.
  • Sea Freight and Container Shipping to Poland
    Our European sea freight services to Poland are a good choice for those looking for a cheaper way to move to Poland and are more open in terms of delivery dates. When planning your move, you’ll be offered a choice of FCL, full container load, or LCL, less than container load. Whilst this is the slower method of freight shipping to Poland, it can be a good option for those who do not need their household belongings immediately and are looking for a way to keep costs down when moving to Poland. Whilst slightly less common, sea freight can be a cost-effective way to ship furniture to Poland. A full 20ft container is usually enough for a typical 2-bed home.
  • Air Freight to Poland
    The fastest way to transport household belongings to Poland is by air freight. If you have a specific date you will need your household goods by or are looking for a fast turnaround time for your move to Poland, choose air freight to Poland. However, as this is the fastest international removals service, it is also the most costly. Due to the nature of this mode of transport, it is more commonly used for smaller moves such as those with just a few boxes. If you are looking for a cheap way to ship items internationally, road freight to Poland will be more cost-effective.
  • How Moving to Poland Works
    When preparing for your move to Poland, our professional team can help you to prepare. Whether you are moving furniture to Poland as part of a full house move or moving just a few boxes, we can help. In order to move to Poland, UK nationals will typically need to apply for a visa. As part of the Shengen area, you’ll require a Shengen visa in order to live in Poland. A temporary residence permit will also be necessary for those looking to stay in Poland for longer than the 90 days of a c-type visa or year of a d-type visa. Temporary residency permits will allow you to live in Poland for up to three years. If you have a job offer in Poland, you can apply for a work visa or a student visa if you will be studying. Once you have made an enquiry with us, your Move Coordinator will discuss all moving requirements with you and ensure you are aware of any Polish customs requirements that might affect your move. We’ll also conduct a thorough moving survey to help create your Poland moving quote. This can be conducted through either a video survey or a home visit moving quote to assess and measure your belongings and advise on the costs of moving your belongings to Poland from the UK. If you are aware of any access issues for your new home such as narrow or remote country lanes or other obstacles, it is best to mention this to your move advisor at this stage so they can plan accordingly. Additionally, some rural locations can be hard to access in Poland at certain times of year, your move specialist may discuss move options depending on when you will be moving.
  • Specialist Moving Services to Poland
    Pinnacle Removals offers a range of specialist moving services to Poland such as antique and fine art shipping so will discuss this if relevant during your survey. Our move specialists are well-versed in transporting specialist items to Poland as well as household furniture of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, if you are looking for a small move to Poland, we can also help transport your boxes and personal items. This service is particularly popular for those looking to study in Poland who are moving to university accommodation. Our team can assist with creating itemised packing lists and completing all relevant paperwork for your relocation to Poland in order to help you prepare. We’re always available to discuss the best options for moving your furniture or belongings, but once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to book your removal to Poland. Simply fill out the provided paperwork to book your move to Poland and arrange for the relevant moving insurance. We’ll also liaise with our partners on the ground in Poland to provide local unloading assistance if required. Talk to your move specialist to find out more about our unpacking services as part of your move.
  • Small Moves, Boxes and Luggage to Poland
    If you are thinking of shipping boxes to Poland, sending luggage or would like help with a small move to Poland with fewer belongings, contact the experts at Pinnacle Removals. We can send luggage to Poland in a cost-effective manner to save you money on overweight baggage fees and ensure your belongings get where they need to be when you need them. We can ship suitcases of any size overseas to any destination in Poland, even remote locations. Our box shipping service is ideal for those only sending a few boxes to Poland as part of a smaller move, or to send belongings to someone studying abroad. We offer a range of box shipping sizes to choose from for quick, cost-effective delivery. If you require a very quick turnaround for your small move or luggage delivery to Poland, air freight is the best option.
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