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The Top Reasons to Retire in Greece

Updated: May 23

Greece is a frequent holiday destination and it isn’t exactly difficult to see why - but what is it like if you want to retire there? Well, Greece offers a lot of benefits for someone looking to retire so it makes a lot of sense to put down roots.

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Let’s talk about what you need to know about Greece and how it can be a great place to spend the rest of your life.

1. A Low Cost of Living

Greece has one of the lowest costs of living in Europe, and it does make the area an appealing place to live in.

Retirement is a little different from moving for work because most people only have a pension to draw instead of income, which isn’t as much as a normal salary and might not give you a good life somewhere like the UK.

However, Greece has cheap property - half as expensive as homes in France - and everything costs a lot less so you’ll have a good life without spending a lot of money.

2.  The Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is a key part of life in Greece and the whole country is a gorgeous place to live. Despite being a warm area, Greece is located near the ocean, so you’ve got stunning coastal views of clear water, along with plenty of vegetation and greenery.

You’ll spend your days surrounded by the beauty of nature which is surely the best way to love.

3. The Quiet Life

Greece has earned a reputation for being a good place to retire because it embraces a quieter, laid-back lifestyle. This is a part of the world where everyone is content to take things slow and steady, which may seem strange for anyone who is used to the rush of most Western countries.

You’ll want to pay attention to the universally accepted idea of a siesta, which is where most shops in Greece close between 2pm and 5pm during the warm seasons. Once you pace your life around that though, you’ll love the slow living.

4. Good Food and Healthy Living

A big part of why people like to live in Greece for their retirement is because the Greek diet and attitude towards food are a lot healthier than in other parts of the world. Greek people follow a mostly Mediterranean diet which includes a lot of fresh vegetables and fish.

Fresh produce is everywhere and you’re heavily encouraged to shop at markets instead of a supermarket - the food is cheaper and good quality. You’ll probably have a healthy body and mind for eating Greek, and it’ll probably give you a few more years in the sun too!

5. Plenty of Places to Visit

Greece may seem like a small place, but the truth is that it has over 6000 islands that people can visit or live on at their discretion. It’s easy to see why this might be appealing - you could spend your time island hopping and seeing all the places that make Greece as enjoyable as it is.

It is wholly recommended that you try and see as many as you can and embrace the local culture. It’ll help you to see new sides of Greece and develop a new appreciation for your home.

6. The Great Weather

Greece is well-known for having good weather and being part of the Mediterranean climate. As arguably the sunniest country in Europe, Greece has earned a reputation for looking beautiful year-round.

This is good for people who want to retire and enjoy the sun - especially those who originally lived in the UK and are used to the rain!

7. Greeks are English-Speaking

A big part of moving to another country will always be having to learn another language. However, due to being part of Europe, Greece has a population that is, for the most part, fluent in English as a second language.

Naturally, an English-speaking population is good for helping retirees acclimate to their new life, while also opening up the prospect of learning Greek from the locals - this is one of the best ways to learn.

8. The Real Estate Situation

We touched briefly on real estate in Greece, but it is worth discussing as a unique point. Greece, for anyone who wasn’t aware, experienced an economic crisis in the aftermath of the 2007 economic meltdown felt around the world. Their economy ultimately collapsed, requiring aid from foreign countries.

While the country has recovered - for the most part - from the crisis, its real estate has remained consistently inexpensive as a result. It is easy to find cheap property in Greece, which helps a lot for expats retiring to the area.

You can have a big, attractive home which would be a lot bigger than a property of the same value across most of Europe.

9. Lower Tax Rates

Greece has benefits for people retiring outside of the cheap cost of living and great property prices. There are lower taxes across the board and a tax system designed to help people save.

If you’ve come to Greece to retire, then you can take advantage of a retirement tax which is only 7% for the first 15 years you live in Greece. This makes it easy to enjoy a comfortable standard of living, which is probably a big part of why so many people come to Greece to retire.

The takeaway

Greece is a wonderful place to retire so it isn’t a great surprise that so many people choose to live in the country and enjoy their final years in comfort.

With amazing weather, healthy food, and a low cost of living, Greece is a nice place to appreciate the simple pleasures of the world after a life of hard work and rushing around. It’s worth visiting, and you never know, you might meet people who will change your life for the better.

If you are looking to retire in Greece, then Pinnacle Removals & Storage are here to help. We’ve had plenty of experience moving people across the world, so get in touch today

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