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The Top Reasons To Move To Cyprus

Updated: May 23

Cyprus is a beautiful destination that can offer a lot to a visitor. Amazing weather and a relaxed attitude to life make this a good place to go on holiday, but how appealing is it for people who want to live there? Well, there are quite a few reasons to make the move to Cyprus, and it’s well worth doing, so let’s talk about our top reasons to take the plunge and pack up your life.

If you are looking for a household removal service to Cyprus from the UK, Pinnacle Removals & Storage will be able to help you. Now, read further to explore the top reasons to move to Cyprus.

1. The Weather

It probably shouldn’t come as a great surprise that Cyprus has a lush, Mediterranean climate which makes it the prime tourist destination it is. However, this also opens it up to being a good place to live because you can enjoy the weather all year round.

Owing to its geography, Cyprus enjoys sunny days 90% of the time, which means most people spend the bulk of their lives outside enjoying the nice weather and being surrounded by thriving nature. The rainy season comes mainly in winter, leaving a dry summer that isn’t too suffocating.

2. Laidback Lifestyle

If you’re not the biggest fan of the hustle and bustle a city can bring, then your best bet is going to be to live in Cyprus where life is a little bit slower and a lot more relaxed. Mediterranean culture is, by and large, a little more laid back and mellow than Western civilization.

If you’ve made the trek over from a European or American country then this might be weird for you. However, it’s perfectly normal here, so it’s well worth embracing a slower lifestyle and stopping to smell the flowers.

3. Less People

One of the cool things about life in Cyprus is that there aren’t a lot of people in Cyprus. In total, there are only about 900,000 people on the entire island, which isn’t a lot. Furthermore, 75% of them live in one of the main residential areas. It might look like a small island on paper, but the reality is that there’s quite a bit of space that is unoccupied by people.

This means there are plenty of areas you can go and relax and not run into anywhere else, which is nice for introverts and anybody who enjoys a bit of peace.

4. English Speaking Locals

If you are new to Cyprus, then the idea that the vast majority of the population speak English is quite a surprise to most. However, a lot of them also speak Russian too, in a curious twist.

The reasoning behind this goes all the way back to the history of the island. Cyprus was a British colony for 80 years until 1960 when it finally gained independence.

This is good news for anyone who speaks English and doesn’t know another language because it’s commonly spoken in all parts of daily life. This makes it easy to assimilate into the local culture because everyone is speaking a language you’ll recognise.

5. Good Quality Education

Cyprus offers an exceptionally good education for young people and boasts a higher number of people with a university-level education than you’ll see in most European countries.

While it is true that the bulk of public schools speak Greek, there are plenty of English-speaking international schools that you are welcome to take advantage of. The cost for this can be a little high, reaching up to €9000 per year, but that is the price one pays for private education.

Naturally, your children will receive a good standard of education for the cost of tuition, and it is possible to afford an international school even when the costs are higher. They will also be exposed to a diverse cultural environment, which is rather helpful when developing a well-rounded childhood.

6. Low Pollution Levels

Lower levels of pollution can help when it comes to things like overall health and raising children, and the need for a home with clean air and less pollution in the environment has become something of a priority for many parents. It’s also something they just want to enjoy for themselves.

Cyprus is a land that is mostly devoid of harmful chemicals so it is a rather good place to put down roots. There is a noticeable lack of heavy pollution industry on the island, which means that the environment is mostly free of pollutants.

7. A Low Crime Rate

If you want a nice, safe environment to raise a family, then Cyprus is a good pick, boasting one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. There are very few reports of violent crime in the community, with most crimes simply being minor theft which is dealt with rather peacefully.

8. Cheap Living

People moving to Cyprus will be pleased to know that the area has a rather low cost of living. Compared to life in the UK and Central Europe, Cyprus is much cheaper.

It’s generally agreed that if you sell a property in the UK or Europe and then move to Cyprus, you’ll be able to have a comfortable standard of living until you can bring in a monthly wage. There should also be chances for you to save a little money in the process so it is a win/win situation.

9. Agreeable Taxes

Tax in Cyprus is much lower than in other European countries. Corporate tax is much less, you’ll pay a limited amount of capital gains tax, and there is no inheritance tax to pay.

Furthermore, Cyprus has a tax system that is designed to benefit those companies that develop and create intellectual property products, with a host of benefits and tax breaks to take full advantage of. If you’re looking to move to the area for work, then you’ll stand to turn quite a good profit.

10. Lots of Jobs

The lower tax schemes in Cyprus have made it a desirable place to move the headquarters of many companies from around the world. This has, understandably, produced a lot of new jobs and made the area rife with employment opportunities.

Not only is the environment pretty business-friendly, but you’ll also be able to enjoy things like job opportunities in construction, plumbing, tourism, water, and smart technology, among others.

The takeaway

It’s not difficult to see why Cyprus is such a desirable place to move, as it offers many benefits and affords a good standard of living. If you’d like to consider moving to Cyprus then we can help. Pinnacle Removals & Storage is an expert European removal company and will help ensure your belongings arrive in Cyprus in the same condition as before. Contact us to get started on your move from the UK.

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