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Top 10 FAQs for European Removals

Updated: May 30

Moving house can either be a few miles up the road, the other end of the country or for many people to a new destination altogether. Packing up your life and heading to Europe is very popular, whether for work or to be closer to family. Fundamentally any move has similarities, but there are a few more challenges to overcome when you leave the country, so we have put together our top

10 frequently asked questions for European removals.

1. What are European removals?

European removals encompass any relocation from the UK to countries in Europe or vice versa. Because your belongings must be transported between countries, they are slightly different from a conventional house move within the same country.

However, navigating the process will be straightforward using an expert European removal company. Whether you're moving from the UK to France, Spain, Italy, or anywhere else, Pinnacle will get you there stress-free.

2. How do European removals work?

Depending on the starting and endpoints of your move, European removals could involve road, sea freight or air freight shipping methods. However, don't worry too much about the logistics; that is why you hire a specialist European removal company. They will guide you on the recommended transport, explain how everything will work and help you ensure everything is safely packed and ready to go.

3. How much do European removals cost?

The cost of European removals will vary from company to company; however, as a general guide, the price of European and international moves, in general, is based on calculations per metre cubed of transport space required. A rough guide could be £2000 to £3000 for an average household removal; however, book a home survey to get an accurate quote for your move.

4. How long do European removals take?

Various factors must be considered before any company can give you a clear timeline for a European removal. First of all, the method of transport affects the time it takes for your belongings to arrive; then, you have to factor in the starting destination and the new home location while allowing time for customs clearance.

5. Can I store my belongings?

Yes, you will find that most European removal companies have facilities for you to store your belongings either before you leave the UK or your home country or after they arrive at the new destination if, for some reason, the property is not ready yet. It’s a very worthwhile question to ask any prospective European removal company.

6. What documents and paperwork do I need for European removals?

You will need documents like a passport, insurance, proof of your UK address and the new EU address and an inventory. The requirements can vary depending on your circumstances and the country you are moving to.

7. Do I need to pack my belongings?

You can pack your belongings for European removals, but it must be to a high standard. As mentioned above, part of the customs process is a comprehensive inventory, so unlike moving items up the road, things cannot randomly be placed in boxes; everything must be catalogued. This is why many prefer the comprehensive service of an expert European removal company to pack and inventory everything for you.

8. What should I do if I have fragile or valuable items for European removals?

Be sure to identify any valuable or fragile items to your removal company. They will likely be packed separately with extra protection. Again, remember that these items must be added to the inventory, even if they are packed separately. If it's a small item value, you could transport it with yourself, but that is entirely your decision.

9. How do I get a quote for European removals?

We recommend getting three quotes from different companies for any service you undertake. To provide an accurate quote, explain the full extent of the move to your European removal company, including any storage needs and a proposed timeline.

10. How do I find a reliable removal company for European removals?

Finding the perfect European removal company could take some detective work. Have a look at the reviews. An accurate picture often means using a review site like Trustpilot, where the reviews are authentic and verified, as this gives you a good overview of what the company offers.

The Takeaway

By being well-prepared and organised with the necessary paperwork, you can streamline the process of European removals and minimise any potential issues or delays. Remember that each country may have its requirements, so stay informed and take the necessary steps to gather all the relevant documentation for a successful relocation.

If you are looking for an international removal company to ensure you get to your new destination stress-free and safely, then why not consider the expert European removal services we offer here at Pinnacle Removals?

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