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Pros and Cons of Living in Switzerland

Switzerland, famed for its neutrality in global affairs, is also an incredibly beautiful and desirable place to live and work. Like any country, it has strengths, but it also has a few things to keep in mind. If you were thinking of migrating to the Swiss Alps, then here’s a bit of what you should know.

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The Pros of Living in Switzerland

1. High-Ranked Happiness Index

Switzerland is consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. There are more than a few reasons for this.

A beautiful country, high income relative to other places, a good level of faith in the government, and the longest life expectancy in the world are just some of the reasons why people love the Swiss way of life.

2. Swiss Alps on the Doorstep

The Swiss Alps are arguably the most famous part of the country, stretching from one end of southern Switzerland into Austria and Italy.

They are, unquestionably, a stunning ensemble, boasting views that seem right out of a fantasy film and natural beauty that will make your head spin. It’s worth moving to the Alps alone!

3. It’s All a Train Trip Away

One of the advantages of being surrounded by the rest of Europe is how easy it is to access everything. You can visit some of the most iconic and historical places in Europe just by getting on a train. It’s easy to take day trips or holidays abroad.

4. You’ll Stay Fit

One of the great things about Switzerland is that it is outdoors but blessed with good weather most of the year. You can exercise at any point in the year and you’ll still enjoy yourself.

Whether it’s hiking in the warmer months or hitting the slopes in the winter, there’s always exercise to be had.

5. Top Notch Education

Switzerland is a country with high standards for education regardless of where you choose to put down roots. Both the public and private school systems are well-rounded and focus on delivering a first-class education.

With most public schools being taught in either English, French or German, the likelihood of your kids becoming bilingual or multilingual is high. Plus, international schools are a real feather in the cap for future university or further education opportunities.

6. There Isn’t Much Crime

One of the fun things you’ll come to learn about life in Switzerland is that there’s a pretty low crime rate, which is maybe because of the higher happiness levels the country is known for.

Whatever the exact reason, it’s definitely paid off, as most children grow up to be independent and happy to explore on their own. Plus, it’s generally a peaceful way to live.

7. Pushing For Sustainable Living

Switzerland is pretty big on sustainable living, and they’re trying hard to be eco-friendly. They are currently undertaking the impressive task of being completely green by 2050.

This means that there are lots of laws in place to protect farmland from industrial expansion and to preserve the environment. Switzerland emphasises land over big companies, which is better for everyone.

The Cons of Living in Switzerland

1. Higher Living Costs

All of the natural beauty in Switzerland is counterbalanced by a high cost of living relative to other places in Europe. Housing is expensive and there are no cheap places to eat out.

The average salary is enough to live on but luxuries and extravagance just aren’t typical things in Switzerland for the locals. You can live reasonably well, and it is a happy, healthy country, but your money won’t go as far as you’d think.

2. Most shops are not open on Sunday.

Switzerland is one of those places that is known to simply shut down on a Sunday. Most places aren’t open, with the exception of a few small shops and the train station.

This isn’t always a bad thing, but if you want something, you may struggle to get it on a Sunday.

3. Limited housing market

In Switzerland, finding housing can be quite a challenge, especially in the more popular cities like Zurich, Geneva, and Basel. The housing market is tight, with a low vacancy rate, meaning that there is more demand for housing than there is supply.

This situation can make it difficult for newcomers to find a place to live, and when they do find something, it may be quite expensive due to the high demand.

The takeaway

As is the case with any place in the world, whether or not you choose to move to Switzerland would depend upon what you are looking for. Switzerland does have a lot to offer, but the steep cost of living can put some people off, understandably so. However, this may this not be an issue for you, in which case you can look forward to the gorgeous scenery and year-long physical activity.

If you are going to move to Switzerland, you should do it with confidence. Feel free to get in touch with us at Pinnacle Removals & Storage if you need help with moving, we have plenty of experience with international moves and can help make sure that the process is stress-free.

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