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The Best Places to Retire in Italy

Updated: Mar 1

Italy stands out as a favoured destination among those seeking warmer climes after retirement, particularly for UK residents. The allure lies in its Mediterranean climate, a stark contrast to Britain's renowned grey weather that dominates much of the year.

Renowned for its wine and delectable cuisine, Italy offers an enticing prospect for retirees seeking a change of pace.

Embracing a slower rhythm of life, Italy appeals to many in the retired community. However, for those contemplating retirement in Italy, the question arises: where to settle? Here, we delve into several exceptional options. For those contemplating relocating belongings to Italy from the UK, our team stands ready to assist. Now, let's explore some of the prime retirement destinations in Italy.


1. Sicily

You may remember from school that Sicily is a small island at the end of Italy; the old saying is that Italy kicked Sicily into the Mediterranean Sea. It still belongs to Italy and enjoys low living costs, making it a really good destination choice for many people.


Because it is that little bit further south, it has some of the best weather in the country as well. You can enjoy hot summers, warm springs and autumns, and mild winters with perhaps the occasional rainfall.


As a retiree, you will have plenty of time to stroll on the gorgeous beaches, sit in the sand, or enjoy some of the delicious local cuisines at the many restaurants and cafés. It also has really good transport links, so you are not stuck on the island unless you want to be.


2. Tuscany

Just the word Tuscany conjures up many romantic scenes of beauty, vineyards, and of course Chianti wine. It does not disappoint, and really, it is a magical place to live. There are gorgeous Rolling Green Hills, as well as popular beaches. It could make a great destination if you’re hoping to meet expats, as many have made the same move.


The capital city of Tuscany is Florence, and here, there is a very large gathering of expats ready to welcome you into their community. You will find a good choice of long-term rental properties and property for sale, meaning finding your next home is really easy. If you are looking for idyllic rural beauty, then Tuscany could be the region of Italy for you.


3. Lazio

 The capital of Italy is Rome, and this is in the region of Lazio. It’s another popular choice for British expats. City life is vibrant and busy, and many expats enjoy this hustle and bustle, but the great thing about this region is the countryside is just a stone’s throw away. In just a couple of miles, you can escape all of the noise of the city and find yourself experiencing the quiet of rural Italy.

It is another famous wine-producing region, and the specialty here is white wine. If you enjoy traditional pasta-based Italian dishes, you will be in your element, as there is plenty to go around. Whether you head to a local market to buy freshly made pasta to cook at home or take a seat at the table of one of the many restaurants serving traditional dishes, you will find yourself in a food lovers’ paradise.


4. Lombardy

Heading north, you come across Lombardi, which is home to one of the most famous lakes, Lake Como. Lombardi has one of the best healthcare systems in the whole of Italy, so you will certainly be well looked after in your twilight years.


There are world-renowned specialists and first-class medical facilities within easy reach. It is a bit of a cultural centre, with a plethora of historical sites, museums, theatres, and, of course, Milan, the home to fashion and models. The potential downside of being in the North is the weather does not reflect the glorious sunshine you get in the South.


However, it is still nicer than you would expect the weather to be in the UK. For some people, the full strength of the southern Italian Sun is just too much to take all year round, so heading slightly north makes it the perfect climate.


The region boasts excellent transport links, making it easy to get back to the UK to visit family, but there is also a strong expat community already in place who are always happy to welcome newcomers, making fitting in a breeze.


5. Apulia

 Back in the south Apulia, known to locals as Puglia is another excellent choice for those looking to retire. It has an amazing coastline and is set on the Adriatic and Ionian seas. You have the choice of small towns, as there are plenty to choose from, and you will find the one thing they all have in common is the laid-back and relaxed lifestyle and attitude to life.


There are fewer English-speaking people in this region, so having some Italian skills would be beneficial. Public transport is not the best, so it depends on how much you want to move around, but you could look at running a vehicle or just enjoy being in the local area, but you could look at running a vehicle or just enjoy being in the local area.


The takeaway


The bottom line is that there are plenty of gorgeous places to consider for your retirement destination in Italy. The further south you head, the hotter and more Mediterranean the climate, but everywhere beats the UK for the weather.


We have highlighted the expat community, so if it’s important to you to integrate easily into Italian life, these could be the best choices, but if you’re prepared to take the plunge, learn some Italian and find a new home surrounded by locals there are other choices on offer.


Pinnacle Removals & Storage are experts in European Removals and understand all of the steps needed to relocate you to another country. So, if you’re thinking about retiring to Italy, why not get in touch with our team and find out how we can help? We would be delighted to assist you and discuss in more detail how we can make your transition to Italy seamless.




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