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The Best Cities to Live in Australia for Expats

Updated: Feb 29

Expats looking to move to Australia will love the fantastic variety of places to live. Multiple cities across the country will offer plenty of cultures, job prospects, social options, and other appealing factors.

Knowledge is power when picking a place to put down roots, so let’s check out the top cities across Australia for expats and a few good reasons why each one is good. If you require any assistance for relocating to Australia, make sure to contact our team and we will be more than happy to help you.

Now, read further for the best cities to live in Australia for expats.

1. Sydney

From the stunning harbour area to the legendary Sydney Opera House, there’s no denying the area's allure for an expat that wants to soak up the Australian lifestyle.

The good news is that jobs are plentiful in Sydney. Further complimenting your job prospects as an expat is that many businesses in the city are run or owned by ex-pats, so you’ll have common ground as soon as you interview.

Other strengths of the area include a thriving public transport system, meaning that you don’t need a car to get around. Sydney is also known for a flourishing selection of events involving food, music and sports. You can unwind at a family-friendly beach or roll up to Bondi Beach if you’re looking for a crazy time. Finally, Sydney has the privilege of being the LGBTQIA+ capital of Australia, being home to the Mardi Gras Festival.

2. Melbourne

Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and has a different feel than Sydney. Despite the same welcoming amenities, the atmosphere and vibes are entirely different. Melbourne has a much greater focus on culture and cosmopolitanism, offering museums, shopping, and stunning architecture for the discerning expat looking for a new place to live.

The neighbourhoods of Melbourne offer many different appealing options for an expat to enjoy. There are farmer’s markets, chic cafes, and boutiques for every fashion style imaginable. Furthermore, many fashion and beauty companies have made their home in Melbourne, so you’ll frequently see an influx of visitors, fashion icons and new ideas. If you’re looking for a fashion career, this is the place to be.

Outside of fashion, Melbourne plays host to a range of different sporting events. People come to the city from all over to see the games and then go out for food in one of the many restaurants afterwards. We recommend trying the chicken parm!

3. Brisbane

If you want to sample a slice of urban life but you’re also looking for something that’s pretty chill, then Brisbane is a good spot. As a locale, Brisbane is very laid back and has a population which looks firmly to the future when deciding how to live and work. As a result, a typical expat can look forward to good salaries across the board, low renting costs, equally cheap real estate, and plenty of job opportunities in critical sectors like healthcare and hospitality, both of which thrive in Australia.

The weather in Brisbane is good for anyone who wants to soak up the sun and enjoy life in a warm paradise. Temperatures are consistently hot in the area, so you’ll want plenty of sunscreens, especially considering Brisbane has many park and beach areas in and around the city. After all, the famous Gold Coast is just a short trip away.

We would be remiss not to talk about the Gold Coast area, considering it has near-universal praise from visitors and full-time residents alike. Many consider the area prime ‘nomad’ territory, with many temporary jobs and accommodations taken up by people who like to wander Australia exploring the country. With gorgeous beaches and a thriving surf community, Gold Coast certainly helps to sweeten the appeal of Brisbane.

4. Perth

For expats, job opportunities are abundant in these sectors. However, the technologically and corporate-inclined expats will also love Perth’s proximity to Asia and the open business opportunities. When you add in affordable housing and plenty of economic fruit ripe for the picking, it isn’t difficult to see how Perth appeals to many young professionals but also veterans of the business world.

You’ll spend your free time in Perth kicking back with a barbecue and good company. Thanks to a good influx of expats looking to connect with the Asian tech sector we mentioned earlier, making new friends with other visitors and locals is easy. If you’re a fan of a very outdoorsy and oftentimes casual lifestyle, Perth is your pick.

5. Canberra

At first glance, the capital of Australia might seem like a controversial choice for this list. Most people assume that the central hub of any country is going to be a mass of tourist attractions and overt business advertising. However, there are a lot of hidden depths to Canberra that many people don’t know.

From the thriving architecture to cultural events, a wealth of stunning Cafes and high employment rights, it’s easy to see why people like to set up shop in Canberra.

6. Adelaide

If you want to head down to South Australia, we recommend that you look at Adelaide. As a city, this is one of the most connected to nature areas you’ll find and one of the most beautiful. Adelaide has been built around a series of unique gardens, evident throughout the city down to the tiny suburbs, which are also very green and beautiful.

Considered by many to be the capital of South Australia, Adelaide has all of the normal comforts that you would want from city life. However, you can also take advantage of amazing beaches, a nice climate, and low costs of living. If you are an expat searching for somewhere to enjoy a quiet family life, this is a good option for you.

The real appeal of Adelaide as a location is the idea of a slow, gentle life. It’s all about the live music, the restaurants, and the art festivals. You will probably find yourself naturally drawn to the more relaxed pace of life which is very common in the area. You will undoubtedly be able to experience everything on offer in good time.

7. Hobart, Tasmania

Suppose the idea of the roasting Australian heat doesn’t particularly appeal to you. In that case, there are definitely places where the weather is a bit more agreeable, and one of these is Tasmania. It is a large island on the southeastern edge of Australia and boasts four distinct seasons throughout the year.

The capital city is called Hobart. It’s a small area but is still known for affordable housing and plenty of job opportunities for the residents of Tasmania. One particular appeal of the area is the art culture that permeates every part of the city. Not only are there plenty of famous museums but there’s also a winter solstice festival, which is always greatly enjoyed by visitors and locals alike.

The rest of Tasmania is home to national parks, small towns, and farms. However, the capital city is an excellent place to base yourself because it is a central hub from which you can access nearly all of the island. It’s recommended that you have a good grasp of practical skills and strong willpower to go and live there because it’s a little bit more rustic and traditional. However, many expats have enjoyed a rewarding life on the island, and there’s plenty of room for you to join them.

In the rest of Tasmania, smaller towns, farms, and national parks have a more tranquil feeling. If you’ve got a strong personality and good practical skills, Tasmania may be for you. Who knows what you’ll get up to on the edge of the world?

The Takeaway

There are many incredible cities in Australia for expats who want to put down roots and start a new life. Whether you’re looking to spend a few years in one place on a temporary work contract or build a lifelong career in Australia, there is something for you.

Each of Australia's main cities is unique in that it brings a distinctive culture and attitude towards life. Whether you like the hustle and bustle of a typical metropolitan area or prefer the more relaxed life of a city on a small island, there’s something for everyone, and that’s the strength of Australia. While the cost of living may be slightly higher than in other countries, the opportunities available are incredibly diverse, and people can do amazing things regardless of where they choose to settle.

Moving to Australia can be a big journey, and feeling anxious and unprepared at the start of your trip is perfectly normal. However, we are available to provide you with the best possible international removal services, as we have plenty of experience relocating expats and making sure all of their belongings arrive at their new life safely.

Contact Pinnacle Removals today and see exactly what we can do to help you begin a glorious new chapter.

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